Sunflowers Season in Helsinki

Sunflowers Season in Helsinki


In between ending of summer and arriving of autumn , It is time for sunflowers season !

Today I would like to inviting you to sunflower fields in Helsinki .The city of Helsinki has been planting sunflowers in many parts of the city and the residents are welcome to pick them for free !! 

Please beware that this joyful is for everyone , don't be too greedy to pick it so that as many people as possible can enjoy picking .

One thing to remember that not all sunflowers fields in Helsinki are free to pick . At least 2 fields that I know are free to go . 

1. Haltiala is propobly one of the most popular fields . It located at Laamannintie 17. Not only the sunflowers you can pick but you can also pick peas for free too . 

2. Tuomarinkylä which is located not far from Haltiala . Very short walking way from ABC Tuomarinkylä. 

Have any of you visit sunflower fields this year ? And if you know more the fields please lets me know in the comment ! 

I wishing you a happy fall !


Wora Woven


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